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Hello Friends, welcome to my website!

Fitness is my life and I want to share it with other people who want to get into shape, stay in shape and reach their health and fitness potential to the fullest!
It doesn't matter if you are new to the healthy way of living or just want to be healthy and fit, my goal is to provide you with the best training and information that you can use for the rest of your life.
Achieving your fitness goals is both a mental and physical challenge that sometimes require a little push. If you need the mental will and physical ability to take you to the next level, I can help you with a day to day physical and mental support along with the most up to date fitness training.
I  hope that you find a lot of things to enjoy during your visit and I’m sure I'll be hearing from you soon.
Wishing you the best of health,


For Home Services Call 832-974-5845


Train With Robert

That's why GaskinFitness is here, to provide quality challenging workouts to customers looking to stay in the comfort of their home.  You'll get a workout designed for you and you alone. You'll have a personal trainer who will push you just hard enough to get the results for which you've been looking.  The great thing about a personal fitness program: you’ll have the advantage of utilizing your private time for exercising avoiding distractions and hassles that come along with traditional gym settings.  Training will be fun, effective, safe and relaxing which can help you with your everyday cares, taking your body and your mind to a new level of sophistication, and get noticed! 

I am highly experienced;  Being professionally trained, as a personal trainer, I will guide you in the right direction on your way towards overall better health and increased self-confidence.  


Along with your personal fitness-training regimen, GaskinFitness offers nutritional guidance to help you attain your wellness goals.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone and tighten muscles or simply work toward better health, we can help you get there.  We want to lead the national industry in health and fitness as well as one-on-one personal fitness training.   

It's time to get back in shape with GaskinFitness! I am ready to make your fitness goals and dream a reality. 

For Home Services Call 832-974-5845


Private Training (1 on 1)

Private training allows for a completely customized cardio/strength training program while also providing personalized motivation. You will get the personal training attention and coaching you need to succeed in your goals. Depending on your plan, your session could include a mixture of strength training, cardio and endurance training, and core conditioning that will give you a full-body workout like no other. I will motivate you and build you up to achieve your goals with confidence.



Therapy will help you get your mobility back on track. Call for price and detail.

Couples Group Training

(2-6 people)

Partner training allows you to work out with a friend or family member, sharing in the expense and benefits of working out. Small group training is the same concept as partner, but provides you with even more cost savings. I love bringing a group of people together who want to get fit. In these group sessions, you will receive input on form and technique while sweating and being surrounded by people who will encourage you. The level of fitness can vary and I group people accordingly. I incorporate cardio, body weight exercises as well as strength training with resistance bands or free weights.


I am not about sweet talking you!  I will not transform your body in 24 hours or promise you results in 10 minutes or less.  What I am going to do is change how you move, change how you eat, change how you think.  And, change how you feel.

Call today

 Let’s not wait another day.




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